By Jenni Wirtz | 19 July, 2019

When it comes to car components, quality is key. While they can sometimes be a little bit more expensive as an upfront cost, they will last longer and not damage an engine. Premium quality components are a core value at First Line Ltd and one product that has a myriad of risks if it’s a sub-par component is turbocharger hoses.

At first, a low quality hose will function the same as a high quality hose, however these usually have synthetic filler material or poor fitting clips, which will eventually fail. A damaged or split hose will lead to a loss of turbocharger boost, causing a lack of performance, increased emissions and reduced fuel economy. In some vehicles, it will also cause the engine to go into ‘limp-home’ mode and/or the dashboard check engine light to come on.

These risks are a common occurance when fitting a low quality hose and as the part is such a vital component in an engine, it’s crucial that it’s premium standard to ensure safety, reliability and longevity.

When replacing a turbo hose it is recommended that the vehicle be checked for any fault codes, as hose failure can sometimes be caused by an overboost condition due to a faulty sensor. Also, technicians should ensure the turbo oil seals are in good order as worn seals can lead to oil being present in the hoses which will result in degradation of the rubber and ultimately, premature failure.

To further accommodate factors, and therefore technicians, First Line Ltd is regularly expanding its turbocharger hose offering to respond to a demand in the aftermarket. The range today has more than 750 part numbers, which accommodates the most popular applications and gives technicians a wide array of choice for the component.

Jon Roughley, Global Marketing Director, said: “Due to the abundance of turbocharged cars being produced in recent times, to meet emissions standards, it provides scope for big opportunities for a competitivey priced product to service the market, as currently main dealers price their product very high.

“Our products use the original equipment (OE) manufacturer materials (or a material that exceeds OE specification) and production techniques, coupled with a thorough testing programme throughout various stages of manufacturing to give the aftermarket the best product possible.

“Plus, we provide technical layout drawings within our market-leading WebCat to aid in the identification process and accurate look-up, therefore you can be confident in sourcing the correct part needed for installation. Moreover, all turbocharger hoses in the range are supplied with a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty, against manufacturing defects, for total peace of mind.”

With this in mind it is essential to spread the word so that unnecessary sales and profits are not lost to the dealer. Never Forget – First Line for Turbo Hoses.



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