All Together In One Kit

As the UK’s leading supplier of aftermarket steering & suspension components, the First Line Group (FLG) is always looking to develop its range to help its customers improve their service and provide workshops with the products they really need to compete in the market.

Its latest introduction, under its highly regarded First Line brand, is a range of premium quality suspension kits, which contain all the components necessary – wishbones, track rod ends, stabiliser links and wishbone fitting bolts – for workshops to carry out a full and complete suspension replacement.

An initial range of nine kits, which cater for the PSA 107/C1 and Toyota Aygo from 2005 onwards and numerous VW Group models are in stock and available for order. Full details and application references are listed on the First Line WebCat electronic catalogue.

Commenting on the introduction, Product Director, Malcolm White said: “As aftermarket professionals appreciate, replacing suspension components in pairs is the recommended policy to ensure that a vehicle’s handling characteristics remain as they are designed. These First Line kits will help factors and their workshop customers to implement this practice and the two-year warranty provides motorists with the confidence that the workshop has installed high quality components.”